Inga Maren Otto



Werner and
Maren Otto

This foundation was launched in 2009 with an endowment of five million euros for the support of the elderly, especially those in Berlin and Brandenburg.

The Evangelische Johannesstift SbR/Stiftung in Berlin-Spandau took over administration of the Werner and Maren Otto Foundation in 2015 with a focus on palliative care.

Werner and Maren Otto


House Charity

Under the patronage and financial support of Inga Maren Otto, the Ronald McDonald House was built in Berlin-Buch near the HELIOS Clinic. It is a house providing accommodation where families can stay nearby while their sick children are undergoing treatment in the hospital.


In the meantime Inga Maren Otto has also become the patron of the ‚oasis‘ in the children’s hospital at Hamburg-Altona and a further ‚oasis‘ in Berlin-Buch.


In 2015 she became an Honorary Trustee.

McDonald’s House Charity